Do know your dates.


As a designer of greeting cards you should probably know the dates major card-giving occasions in the calendar fall – Father’s Day being a prime example. Just like Christmas and your birthday, it’s one of those events actually made up by the greeting card industry, so getting the date wrong is a tad foolish.

So if you plan on being a wonderful child and sending a Father’s Day card to your dad, make sure to get it to him for the right Sunday. Posting one in a sudden panic on a Saturday morning a good week before the actual day is not necessary. Especially if you write in the card how sorry you are for not getting it to him on time. (FYI with post times it’ll arrive the day after your imaginary Father’s Day.)

However, if the deed has already been done, you can look forward to a text from the big man that probably won't hold back on questioning how his own offspring could be so bloody stupid. Lucky you.

“Thanks for the card Bogs but how can someone who actually runs a greeting card business get the date wrong?!”

June 2018BoggyComment