Don't lose your marbles.


Sometimes it’s the inconspicuous things that cause the most grief. Take barcodes for example. They’re usually nothing of note, but when you have to whack one on the back of something for yourself, then that suddenly all changes.

So if your business is blossoming and you’re required to enter the world of product barcodes, try your best to hold it together as you sink to the depths of despair. You'll be paying £150 a year for membership to some association you have no choice but to join (plus a heart-warming sign-up fee of just £120), but that doesn’t mean it’s plain sailing from there.

It does mean, however, that you have someone to call when the barcode-related anguish gets too much... No, not the Samaritans, the GS1 UK hotline. This is reassuring because if you have 60 greeting cards to put 60 different barcodes on (requiring the use of four technical programmes you’ve never used before), you’re going to be up to your neck in frustration and misery at least once – so don’t bottle that up.

But when it’s all done and dusted, there’s little more exhilarating than receiving your freshly printed cards and finding that they actually scan. A task best done for free at the self-serve check-outs of your local supermarket… While an exasperated shop assistant looks on… Most likely entirely perplexed by your strange behaviour and the fact you just high-fived him. Well, as long as you know your marbles aren't missing that's all that matters.

Look – a thing of beauty!

Look – a thing of beauty!

May 2018BoggyComment