Do go green.


These days when you’re in business, you kinda have to think about the environment. Perhaps because you’ve got a bunch of know-it-alls telling you how your company’s actions are ruining their precious planet. Or just maybe due to those annoying little morals of yours, firmly rooted in your mind from long ago... Damn them.

“But if plastic’s so bad why did they make it rhyme with fantastic?”

A valid point.

However, for those who prefer holidays paddling in seawater, not wading through waste, that argument apparently doesn't hold up any more. Put simply, it’s clear we all need to go greener. So if you’re in the business of greeting cards and rely heavily on those little plastic sleeves for packaging, why not start using ones that are biodegradable and compostable instead? While you’re at it, you could also only choose card that’s got the Forest Stewardship Council’s stamp of approval. And you know what? If you’ve bought the fancy pantsuit, you definitely need some nice shoes to match – so just get the recycled envelopes too!


Well, the world’s our home. We should all do our best to keep it nice and tidy...


Message from Boggy: "I don't usually talk in the first person but you know what, I will here to explain things properly. Basically this move to being greener can't happen overnight, as I have stock already packaged up and for sale in shops. (Chucking it in the bin would be more wasteful!) But with all my newly printed designs, from now on these "green actions" will be implemented. All going well the business will be fully transferred over to 100% recycled envelopes and bio-degradable plastic sleeves in 6 months. Conveniently, the card I use is already FSC-approved. Any questions, please ask away via my contact page."

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