Do be ruthless.


What do Donald Trump and Philip Green have in common? Yep, you got it – they’re both hard-nosed business billionaires. It should therefore go without saying that to be successful in the cut-throat world of greeting cards you need to emulate them – primarily by not being a softie.

Say you’re struggling to deal with rejection from people who don't want to stock your cards; this is a prime example of being soft. You must remember that they are fools and their meagre IQs pale in comparison to yours. (You should Tweet that to them too.)

While you’re at it, you also need to get into the mind-set that you can never have enough money, as this will help you develop your ruthless streak. Remember when the already-a-billionaire Philip Green took £586 million out of a sinking BHS, then sold the company to a former bankrupt, leaving thousands without a pension when the inevitable collapse happened? Now that’s the ruthlessness you're after.

Okay, maybe this is all going a bit too far. Just maybe. But in reality, being in business does take an element of toughness, so it's important not to let set-backs knock your confidence. They happen – but that doesn’t mean you’re not getting somewhere. That’s why in times like these it always helps to remember why you’re designing cards in the first place... To make the greeting card industry great again. Obviously.

January 2018BoggyComment