Do think about giving up.


It seems to be that when you’re about to give up, that’s when something good happens to stop you. Like the universe* knows you’re planning to throw in the towel and thinks, “Nah, let’s toy with this person’s aspirations a little longer.”

So when you’re in the first proper year of your business venture and things appear stagnant, do lose hope. Well realistically, will an actual order ever roll in? Probably not. And promoting your "brand" on social media is such a drag... You only did your last post like 6 weeks ago!

Now the time is ripe for an order or two to drop into your inbox. A little glimmer of hope to pick you back up again... Yes, you can and will be successful – you knew it all along! Clearly teetering on the edge of failure may not be too bad a thing.


*In reality, pretty sure the universe doesn’t give a shit.

August 2017BoggyComment