Don't get your idioms confused.


When using an idiom in conversation, make sure to use the right one. This particularly applies if using it to explain how you hope retailers will view you during your very first business trade fair. For example, describing yourself as a “polished turd” instead of a “diamond in the rough” is definitely getting it wrong.

As you’re probably aware, being a “polished turd” isn’t even a thing – let alone a good thing. Obviously it’s “you can’t polish a turd”, which makes comparing yourself to a polished one even more ridiculous. 

On the other hand, a “diamond in the rough” would ideally guide someone into believing there’s untapped potential in you that they may be lucky enough to benefit from business-wise. Much more appropriate. 

So before opening your mouth, compose yourself. And if prone to tripping over your own tongue, avoid idioms like the plague.

May 2017Boggy