Do use your brain.


This may come as a shock to some, but when you open a business bank account, it’s wise to presume that the bank is not just going to take your word that you are who you say you are. Unfortunately the world has become very untrustworthy of late.

So if you’ve been summoned to deliver your signed forms after registering for an account online, bringing some ID and proof of address is the blaringly obvious thing to do. No one wants to take up their entire lunch break walking to and from the bank, with an awkward 5 minutes in the middle filled by conversation with the bank manager on how silly not bringing any documents along with you is. That’s just embarrassing. Especially if you leave with an over-friendly wave while saying, ‘Guess I’ll see you on Monday then!’ It makes them all the more likely to remember you and your foolish ways next time.

Simply avoid all this by bringing documents with you first time round.

April 2017Boggy