Do know your customer: pt 2.


Much like with the man in part one of this blog post, if you come across an over-zealous owner of a trendy gift shop, then you could be in for some more language-based crossed wires. Refer below for guidance:

The ‘pinch of salt’ adjective translator

Good = crap

Wonderful = crap

Amazing = crap

Funny = crap

Hilarious = God help me!

So for context, if you go into a shop and show your designs to someone who seems to fit the description above, then you may enjoy an exchange along these lines:

Looking at your greeting cards

Shop owner: ‘Oh they’re wonderful! Ha. Ha. Ha. Andrew isn’t this one funny.’

Shows random card to Andrew

Andrew (glancing up): ‘Hilarious. They’re amazing.’

Shop owner: ‘Yes, they are particularly good aren’t they.’

Passes cards back. You take them, leaving with false expectation.

February 2017Boggy