Do send round the boys.

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Sometimes people don’t pay you. Or perhaps 'pricks' would be the better word here. Either way, when you’re in business being paid is important. So if you end up in a situation where you produce work for an individual or company and they’re not coughing up, then stand by your principles and don't give up until you get what you’re owed. 

For those who have worked in the debt collection department of a well-known short-term loans company (cough-cough-Wonga), make sure to harness your past experience – but only if you were good at it. Never made your targets? Consistently told you were being too friendly? Managed to get out of making phone calls by creating a paper nativity scene for the office window sill? Probably best to avoid harnessing your experiences altogether.


But back to the point: persistence in these circumstances is key. It may take over a year before you see your cash – during which two dodgy managers could be fired and a decent one with morals finally hired – but your perseverance will, hopefully, pay off. So don't be afraid to release your inner bailiff: keep emailing, keep calling, keep dropping by. You’ll get your £45 in the end!

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